Saturday, September 29, 2007

Only in Stamford

The following experience is one of the time "treats" which makes all of the hard things about living in Connecticut (such as the distance from family, expensive cost of living, etc.) worth it.
We were going to a movie last night-I had bought the tickets earlier that day- and we got to the movie theater 30 minutes before they would let us go in. We decided to run across the street and go to Target...and there we met TONY! Little did we know the encounter would be more entertaining than the movie.
We met him in the line of Target, then rode the elevator with him and walked with him for less than a block. In that short time we learned more about him than we know about most of our close friends. We found out this:
-His birthday is 4/4/1944 (and that this date was after WWII ended)- 4444 is his favorite #
-Target does not have enough emergency exits
-The first thing he does when entering a building is look for the exits (due to the club that burned down in Port Chester like 20 years ago)
-We should also look for the exits so we don't get trampled
At this point Jared got a few words in and asked if he worked out (his calfs were HUGE!)...and we learned this:
-He used to weigh over 250 lbs, but has lost a lot of weight through diet (which we know the details) and exercise
-Lots of people think he uses steriods, but he would never poke himself in the bum with a needle
-He has diabetes, along with his parents, a brother (who has glycoma) and sister
-Garlic should be used in everything, and we should be drinking a shot glass of red wine and eating boiled salmon everyday
-On his way home (which we now know where it is) he was going to stop and get a lasagna (and only eat half), breadsticks (only eat 1) and a half glass of red wine (of course)
At this point Jared got another few words in, asked him his name and we learned this:
-His name was Tony, he was Italian who loved to eat, and again how great garlic is
-He thinks it is great that we are married, we got a huge congrats on making the 1 1/2 year mark
-He has neighbors that don't want kids, but he thinks people should have kids
- And my personal favorite, I have good child bearing hips so we should have lots of kids
At this point we regretfully had to end the conversation because our movie was about to start...but we have high hopes to run into our new friend Tony in the future (maybe mom and dad can meet him when they come to visit)
I love downtown Stamford, CT!

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Here are a few videos that brought me a little joy this week!

Cat jumps over the fence

Fixing that which is broke

So Isaac is officially on the calendar to have his teeth fixed. He will be going in Oct 12th. We don't have a time yet, the surgery center will call us with one. But it will most likely be first thing in the morning.

Bitter sweet this operation will be. I look forward to having Isaac's teeth look "normal", and be pain free. I don't look forward to having him be put completely under with breathing tubes. That whole day will not be fun.

The dentist said he will have a sore throat for a day or two (from the tubes), but otherwise should be fine. I know from experience that the waking up from anesthesia makes him cranky until it is completely out of his system. I also know from personal experience that iv's are painful, one of the lesser pains he will feel that day, though.

I hope all will go well during the operation, and that Isaac can have a quick recovery. I also hope that Ainsley can be a sweet girl that day, and not be too demanding!

Anyway wish me luck, and keep Isaac in your prayers.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Have you seen this? Part 2

It reads "Liar" if rotated ninety degrees counterclockwise.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Have you seen this? Part 1

I will post the amazing conclusion soon!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Just in case

Just in case you guys haven't read my other blog lately, I wanted to catch you up on what's going on around here.

1. Isaac will be having his teeth worked on the first week of October. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers. I am a little nervous about having him put to sleep, but I am also hopeful that his cavity problems will not be so severe any more. Isaac's box house has now become a box mansion. The next door neighbors were getting new appliances, so we took the dryer box and refrigerator box. He was also allowed to pick out his own paint at home depot to paint his new house. He picked BRIGHT blue and BRIGHT red. Quite stunning really!!

2. Ainsley is almost crawling. She does a lunge and leap kind of crawl. She is also becoming very demanding. She ALSO knows how to get Isaac in trouble. She likes to cry when he walks near her (I guess one to many times of getting smacked by dear brother, does that to a girl, and NO he really doesn't get in trouble). It is amazing how quickly they pick things up. She knows when she wants attention, and knows how to get it.

3. My kitchen is now painted the color of honey mustard, and I like it! I told mom this earlier, but there is a kind of rush when you paint a white wall, a big, bold color! I will be moving to the hallway for my next painting project.

4. Mike keeps VERY busy with work, his masters class, and playing with the kids. Poor guy, the only free time he gets is on Saturdays when he goes and plays soccer for his work team. He will play church basketball in the soccer off seasons, but I just found out that the next season starts in November (this weekend will be this seasons last game).

Monday, September 3, 2007

Why did no one tell me???

So this has been awhile ago, but me and Jared discovered my twin!!! We were watching t.v. and a movie came on and the main character had a astonishing resemblence to yours truly! In fact we watched the whole movie Ice Princess (not really suprising for me, but Jared watched it too) because we thought she looked so much like me. I thought I would share a few of her most "Lindsey" moments.

P.S. I am very disappointed with the lack of posts made from you guys!

Eerie, huh?

Home for the holidays

Jared bought my plane ticket yesterday to come home for Christmas. We were going to wait until we knew what his schedule was- but we found a really cheap ticket for the day after I am done with school. I am SO excited. Not sure when Jared will be there, but I will fly in on the 21st of December- HOT DOG!!!!