Monday, October 22, 2007

All I Want for Christmas

I guess it is up to me to start this, so here is my wishlist...
Some of Orson's artwork in a frame
Scarves for my hair, so I can grow out my bangs

more like this:
and this:

not so much this:

or this:
A triple barrel curling iron
Scrapbooking stuff
Piano music
A fishing pole
Random camping stuff (we don't need a tent or sleeping bags)- this is also on Jareds list
Gift cards would be good since we have to fly with what we get

I will have to have Jared get on if he can think of anything else, but he wants
Camping stuff
Board games (we have apples to apples, balderdash and cranium)
Casual T-shirts (size large)- just an example, doesn't have to be AE

That is all for now, HAPPY HUNTING!!!!

P.S. Santa, if you are reading this, could you give our address to the stork. He seems to have forgotten where we live!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Works Like Magic

Thank you EVERYONE for my birthday gifts. Loved all of them. I used my gift card the day I got it :)

Lindsey and Jared -

The peeler is AMAZING. Peels like butter! Well if butter did peel, I am sure this is how it would feel! The can opener works like a gem. Saturday I was trying to open some jars and struggling. Then a light went off. . . use my opener. I opened my jar with ease!!! Sylvia thought it was the coolest thing, and wants one now.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Well this is the week Isaac is having his teeth fixed. I know I have mentioned to mom the struggles with insurance. Rough stuff. For those who don't know, our medical doesn't want to cover dental procedures, but dental doesn't want to cover medical procedures. Isaac's teeth are in such a state that he needs medical intervention, by a dentist. . . Oh the irony!

Anyway I went to a doctor today to have his Pre-op done. I didn't like the doctor. She wasn't bad, just didn't "feel" good about her. I have to have a feel good experience. . . like I did with Isaac's new dentist. We will see how I feel after his procedure. I pray that we can get this taken care of correctly. We will be going on three thousand total spent if we have to pay out of pocket this time. Poor kid.

Oh this doctor was also concerned about possible hypoglycemia in Isaac. She wants to have blood work done. Funny hearing her say he's such a happy and healthy kid, made me a little upset. Going through my mind was yeah he has a cold or stomach bug every other week, constant battling with ear infections and teeth problems. We are here because he has to be put to sleep. Not to mention the hernia repair last year. On my way home though, I was thinking about the whole situation, and I really do have a happy and healthy little boy.

While pregnant they thought he had hydrocephalus, or down syndrome, and was born healthy as can be. We don't have to fight any MAJOR illness. I sure am blessed to have such a sweet little boy.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Christmas Wishlist

So I keep asking people what they want for Christmas, but haven't really recieved any clear answers. So I was hoping everyone could think about what they want and make a list on here. It would help me alot, and probably everyone else, too. Let me know what you think!