Sunday, November 4, 2007

This is for you Mom

Tonight when it was time for Isaac to go to sleep, I asked if I could rock him. He had a rough day today and I wanted a few minutes with him to myself. I was trying to get Ainsley asleep too, so Mike offered to rock him, and Isaac wanted "mommy to rock-a-bye" him.

I took him in to rock and he said "Mom can you sing me a song?" Kind of brought tears to my eyes, and brought back lots of memories. Memories of Lindsey and I saying "will you sing me a song?" "One more song" "One MORE song"!

It took two favorites (Angel lullaby and You are my sunshine) and he was out. I kept singing a few more songs though, just for myself! Such a sweet little boy, and I love sweet moments that make his two year old tantrums all worth while!

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i'm so this your blog? or is the other one yours? thanks!